Review of children’s book GOD’s GREAT PLAN.

This review is from: God’s Great Plan (Hardcover)

This is an excellent book for children. The feature that makes it on the top of my list for reading to my grand kids is the way the words rhyme. The rhyming along with the amazing illustrations will hold the attention of preschoolers all the way to children in first or second grade, at which point they will be able to read it themselves. Well done.



The Golden Years Book Review

I could relate to this book as I am an older adult. This book encourages graceful aging. The author does a great job explaining how aging affects one’s body and challenges each of us to healthy living by making several recommendations for the whole person….body, soul, and spirit. I found Bogosh’s explanation of Medicare very timely for someone about to turn 65. He even suggests when transitioning to Medicare to switch to a geriatrician as one’s healthcare provider. Because of how practical and helpful and hopeful this book was, I give it 5 stars.

A HOPE DEFERRED book review

The book titled A HOPE DEFERRED by J. Stephen Yuille takes an unique approach in presenting its pages. The book starts out in the first chapter talking about the theology of how were are adopted into God’s family through Jesus Christ. Then the second chapter tells part of the story of the author’s own dreams and struggles in starting a family of his own. In cadence, the third chapter goes back to the theology of adoption followed by the fourth chapter and more of the author’s story. This pattern is followed for 14 chapters that make up the book. In the even chapters we learn how J. Stephen Yuille and his wife end up with a biological daughter first, and then after 5 1/2 years of working on an adoption abroad, got the call to come and pick up their baby. I really enjoyed this format. The odd chapters will fill your heart to overflowing when you are presented with numerous verses of God’s desire for a family, namely us, and how He redeems us back to sonship.

This book put a big smile on my face as I saw the parallel between our being adopted into God’s family, and the orphan being adopted into J. Stephen Yuille’s family.


Are you so hungry to see God at work today? I sure am. My heart aches to experience Him. The theology is there. I was raised in a Christian home and went to a Christian College.  BUT.  And the but was the hurdle I had to get over. I have had glimpses of His glory….from growing up as a kid to where I am now…but  I was always left wanting more, more, more.  I am finding this “more” in strange places…places I never would have imagined. For me,  part of the BUT was  leaving behind 2 acquired living or coping skills, the first one being logic  for logic was a faith killer for me and secondly,  losing my dignity for dignity is not a fruit of the Spirit. God can make us feel messy and out of “our” control.  When I become undone before Him  an exchange somehow takes place. Instead of having to explain Him, I now find delight in the mystery of life which is Christ in me the hope of glory. How does this look? For sure He is not on our time schedule, He is not in our little box.  Perhaps, we may  find Him on our face, face filled with tears, makeup messed up. We need to take all the stops out and let Him be God. In doing so, we will be filled with wonder and awe beyond belief.


Where to begin? Let me just give a plug for Hub Ministries of Chicago hosted by Hank and Nancy Magiera. They meet every Sunday evening at 7 pm at The Hilton Indian Lakes Resort, 250 Schick Road, Bloomingdale, IL. Here every denomination comes together to worship and praise…there is nothing like God’s presence that fills this place during worship. His presence comes and cares are forgotten and what happens next may be unpredictable, but I always go away having connected with my God. No more expecting God to fit into my thinking, instead I am finding a new identity of who I am in Christ that is so freeing.

Come and experience God in new, big ways! Every Sunday night!!