This book was so compelling that I read it in one sitting. There are 11 different stories from all walks of life of people wanting more than they were getting in their Catholic upbringing. What is amazing is that for many of them their answers began coming after someone witnessed to them about Jesus and invited them to Bible studies. We never know what seeds we might be sowing. Being a seeker of more of God myself although not Catholic, I can identify with them. God is so inexhaustible that I feel I will always be seeking Him and wanting more and more and more. What these 11 former Catholics discovered was that salvation was a gift, not based on their works. They were liberated and I rejoice with them. I believe there are many saved people in the Catholic church, but if you know someone in the Catholic church and you are wondering if they know what it means to be born again, this is the perfect book to ask them to consider reading.



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